Sabzevar Heshmatie Hospital

Introducing Heshmatie Specialty and Advanced Hospital


Based on authentic historical documents of the Heshmatie Sabzevar Hospital as the first major hospital in Khorasan and one of the first Iranian hospitals on February 21, 1298, with the suggestion and efforts of Dr. Ghasem Ghani, son of Mirza Abdul Ghani of Sadat Arabshahi, including the first doctors of Sabzevar with records And numerous legislative and executive responsibilities, with the help of the people and the investment. Salar Heshmat, the governor of the time, was built in a garden outside the city in an area of ​​1200 plantations (1352 m) and a building of 4500 square meters. Thanks to their contributions to The name of the Heshmatie Hospital was named.


 The hospital initially had 12 beds, including surgery, eye and general, and its initial cost was from humanitarian aid, taxes on slaughtering each sheep, as well as the sale of refrigerated ice in the village of Zaafraniyeh and developed over time and as The General Hospital continued to bless with the 160 active beds until 2001. After the establishment of the Vasee Hospital in the year, the hospital was shut down and used as warehouse. In 2007, a new building was granted a license and the project was started on a plot of land with an area of ​​one hectare and an area of ​​19,000 square meters since the end of 2007 And after a few years since the start of the operation due to lack of credit for one year, the operation was stopped and In October 2013, project reactivated and hospital in 8 floors with 200 beds including the following wards: pediatric specialist and subspecialist, neonatal, cardiology, hearing and throat, eye, emergency, Intensive care units, heart surgery, angiography, angioplasty, specialized clinics, Laboratory and radiology and employing more than 500 medical, educational and administrative personnel at a cost of over 800 billion rials for equipment and construction operations in 1394 has been exploited.