Sabzevar Heshmatie Hospital


Mr.Abbas Azadmanjiri

Education: Anesthesiology M.S

Direct call:051- 44011800

Description of duties of the internal director of the hospital

1. Implementing, monitoring and monitoring the programs developed to ensure successful implementation of programs in supervised units.

2. Planning and coordinating hospital affairs in order to respond appropriately in times of crisis and disasters in coordination with relevant authorities.

3. Planning to continuously monitor the views of visitors and visitors in order to ensure their satisfaction.

4. Continuous study of the methods of work to continuously improve the working methods in the supervised area

5. Continuous study of hospital resources (human resources, financial resources, equipment) and practical solutions for increasing the efficiency of resource use

6. Control and oversee the work of the relevant units and the division of labor, and coordinate their activities.

7. Efforts to implement standard programs, surveys, process modifications to better provide relevant services to the level of quality certificates such as ISO and ...

8. Performing inspection, control and supervision of operations and activities related to financial affairs of the center or hospital

9. Monitor the use of credits in order to ensure the correct implementation of targeted regulatory programs.

10. Adaptation, promotion and coordination of hospital affairs in accordance with the latest standards set for educational and health centers and hospitals.

11. Supervise and handle administrative, financial, nutrition, facilities, warehouses and other units of the center or hospital.

12. Continuous cooperation with other relevant units and relevant experts in terms of administrative, financial, technical, and hospital matters in terms of raising the quality of affairs

13. studying the hours of work of the staff and preparing a plan for determining full-time and part-time working hours based on type and quality and in order to coordinate with the hospital and supervise the plans.

14. Control and supervision of construction and repair work at the center or hospital, and provide suggestions and guidance for optimal progress in these matters.

15. Collecting information about the general needs of the center or hospital in terms of building, equipment and equipment, requiring major repairs, or rebuilding and providing the necessary exits on these issues and presenting them to relevant authorities.

16. Establish a consistent and constructive relationship with the country's reputable drug companies in order to receive timely pharmaceutical quotas.

17. Participate in related meetings and commissions and provide advisory and specialized advice.

18. Establishing constructive interactions with the head or director of nursing services at the center or hospital in order to improve the methods of doing work.

19. All the requirements of the center or hospital, including human resources and other resources, are predicted by the coordination and coordination of the head or director of nursing services and, ultimately, the head of the center or hospital

20. To conduct relevant studies and research in the field of health in the field of occupation, which must be approved by the relevant authorities.

21. Participate in training related to the job and implement its results in carrying out the duties assigned.

22. Carrying out other related activities in accordance with the orders of the superiors in accordance with the provisions.