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Educational tips for breastfeeding

1. Give your baby at least 21 months.

2. Eating colostrum is right for the baby.

3. When the baby feeds on the mother's garlic during the first six months of life, her water and food are supplied and they do not need any other water or food.

4. Whenever possible, use both breasts whenever possible.

5.Nights Give your baby a drink. Walking overnight increases its flow.

6. The more the baby gets to the breast, the more milk is produced and milked.

7. Any medicine you take may affect your baby and may affect your baby.

8. Have adequate nutrition, especially protein.

9. Drink plenty of fluids every day.


11 Have a good rest.

Take care of your breast and tip.

Note: If the infant drank 2-3 hours a day, heats the diaper thoroughly 6-8 times and weighs 30 grams a day, he is well fed. As the age increases, the frequency of feeding will be reduced.