Sabzevar Heshmatie Hospital

ward  name: Emergency

The emergency department is located on the ground floor of the Heshmatie Specialized and Specialized Hospital, which includes 61 active beds

This ward , along with young and experienced staff, pediatrician, neonates, nephrology specialist

Department of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatric Gastrointestinal and Pediatric Nephrology, Endocrinologist

Children, Cardiologists, Cardiologists, Hospital, Hospital, Hospital

Serving around the clock.

Number of beds: 8 beds under the supervision of children -8 beds under the supervision of adults-

Specialty Number: All specialist and supermarket hospitals

Number of employed nurses: 40 persons

Number of service forces: 10 people

Number of secretaries: 1 person

Equipment: ECG-Monitoring - Central-pulse oximetry-nebulizer-suction and portable oxygen-ventilation device

Portable mechanical and fixed-bed revitalization pediatrician-ventilator-

Provided services: Emergency heshmatie Specialized Hospital with Outpatient Hospital, Injection and Recovery Room, with the presence of all specialist and specialist doctors as well as early initial evaluation in the Department of TARAZA - Perform advanced recovery measures if needed - Perform all required actions of specialists and transferring patients to the hospital, conduct cardiac monitoring and detect dangerous cardiac arrhythmias, and take necessary measures to remove it, get an electrocardiogram, measure blood pressure and blood glucose in patients, perform blood sampling, control opioid pain With the doctor's order, oxygen therapy and pulse oximetry, This is where patients need treatment in this ward.