Sabzevar Heshmatie Hospital


ward name: Operation rooms

 Number of beds: 4 operating chambers (2 operating chambers of the heart - 1 operation room of the throat and throat - 1 operating room of the eye)

 Number of specialist: 15 people

 Number of employed nurses: 23 persons

 Number of service forces: 10 people

 Number of secretaries: 1 person

 Equipment: Anesthesia-Bed Operational Unit-Phaco-Microscope Monitor-Portable-Couther-Suction Portable Ventilator

 Available services: Hospital operating rooms with 5 separate rooms in two halls with upgraded and advanced devices.

 Also having a pre-surgical consultation room and separate recovery rooms and performing subconjunctive surgeries such as:

 Eye surgery - Otolaryngology - Heart surgery - Transdermal eye surgery

 Corneal-percutaneous corneal surgery for adult and pediatric-cardiac surgery for adults and children.